Allah has said, pray to me, so that I will answer you.
Religious scholars have revealed that Allah has three thousand Names. One thousand are only known by angles, one thousand known by prophets, three hundred are in Torah (Old Testament), and three hundred are in Zabur (Psalms of David, three hundred in the New Testament and ninety-nine in Qur'an. This makes 2,999 Names.

One Name that has been hidden by Allah is called Ism Allah al a'azam, The greatest Name of Allah. All of Allah's Names are great, but since He has hidden this particular Name, it is referred to as The Greatest Name.This Name is mentioned in Qur'an. Whoever reads the Qur'an will have read the Greatest Name probably without knowing it. Allah has hidden certain things out of His mercy. He has hidden the righteous people in his eyes (Avliya), so people should respect one another indiscriminately. He has hidden the night of Qadar (holy night in which Qur'an began to be revealed.) He has hidden His Consent so people will always do good deeds. He has hidden His Greatest Name in the Qur'an so people will read the entire Qur'an.

One should memorize the 99 names for one's own benefit. However, learning the Names by heart is not the aim. The aim is to find the one who is named.

The Names of Allah are connected with the life of man. All aspects of life can be seen in the Names. When a man is given a Name, which relates to one of the 99 Names of Allah it should always be preceded by Abd (Servant of).

He who would like to repeat a Name of Allah should say at least 700 times: Kalama-e- Tayyaba (There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger)

To begin, one should clean oneself with a full ablution making certain that all parts of the body are touched by water .If this is not possible one should perform Wuzu as preparing for prayers. The place chosen for repetition should be clean .If these guidelines are observed the answer of Allah could be quick. Preferably, the person should be alone and repetition said during the night.

Be warned, "He who has no knowledge of how to use a sword will injure himself". There must be respect, care, and good intentions or an injury could occur. While one is repeating, a Name there should be no speaking and no interruptions.

Allah hears what is in a person's heart. Whether you speak aloud or have silent words for Allah. There is no difference for He knows what is in your heart. Allah, who does not fit into heavens or worlds, fits into the hearts of men.

The process used to clean the hearts is Dhikrullah. Dhikar is a key to the secret of life. When you remember Him and recite His Names standing up, He will remember you when you stand up from your grave. When you ask His forgiveness, He will forgive.

Allah gives to all because He is Rahman. Not to forget, one has to remember continuously. Mention His Names over that what you eat. If you wish to be near Him, become the slave of His slave.

In the following pages/links, the commentaries and number of repetitions suggested are open to be altered or determined by the Sheikh of an Order. The information given is an introduction to the meanings and effects of the Names. It is advisable to follow the guidance of a Sheikh.

The first Name in the text refers to the Attribute of Allah. The repetition preceded by
Ya refers to the appeal to that Attribute.